Dance projects




La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble

Dancing hooping & flipping theories

Vertical Exile Lab ’08

Research and performance under Metropolis, by Copenhagen International Theatre. Choreographer Sara Gebran. In collaboration with architect Merete-Ansfelht Møllerup. Dancers/choreographers Esther Wrobel and Ylva Henrikson. Composer Martin Vognsen. Architect Celine Bardram. Video artist Mikal Bing. Researcher & text writer Sylvester Roepstorff. Photo: Anders Paulin

Vertical Exile – West Bank ’09

During one month in Jalazone & Deheishe refugee camps, and the city of Ramallah. A mobile art event built with the community. Workshops in, photography, mapping, hula hooping, yoga, as well as dance performances. The main objective is not the performance in itself, but rather the social/artistic momentum of dialogue that it can develop. Concept, Sara Gebran and Anders Paulin. In collaboration with: Dancer Ylva Henrikson. Photographer Yazan Al-Khalili. Animator Amer Shomali. Dancer Majd Hajjaj. The community of Jalazoun and Deheishe, architect students of Birzeit University. Photo: Anders Paulin, Yazan Al-Khalili, Ylva Henrikson

Vertical Exile – Copenhagen ’09

During one month in Copenhagen; workshops, exhibitions, lectures and a performance. An exchange in creativity, knowledge and new thoughts about the city of Copenhagen. Artists and citizens were invited to find alternatives on how to appropriate the public spaces, through art interventions. Choreographer Sara Gebran. In collaboration with dancers Ylva Henrikson & Esther Wrobel. Artist Joen Vedel. Composer Martin Vognsen & VJ Casper Øbro. Photo: project participants

Vertical Exile – Stockholm / Botkyrka

An art platform during 4 months in Stockholm. Workshops, residencies, exhibitions, events, conferences and a performance. VOODOOM: Waking the model, at Dansens Hus. Choreographer Sara Gebran. In collaboration with dancers/choreographers Ylva Henrikson and Eliisa Erävalo. Animator Olle Söderström. Composer Martin Vognsen. Consultant dramaturgy Anders Paulin.

Vertical Gardening / The Carpet

Art platform in Stockholm, Deheishe, Jalazone, Dura Al-Qara (Palestine). In collaboration with Sara Gebran and Anders Paulin, local artists and residents. Photographers: Anders Paulin, Sara Gebran, Yazan Al-Khalili, Ylva Henrikson, participants in Jalazone and Dura Al-Qara.